Muir Woods in San Francisco.

Inside this big bay we find our beautiful San Francisco, the same one we cycle and survived.

They say it has “four seasons in one day” like the song, It’s often covered with low clouds or fog, sometimes you cannot even see the bridge. So if you visit at the end of the summer, remember to take some warm clothes with you, just in case.

It is what we did in those days of September, we equipped ourselves with trainers and a Uniqlo ultralight vest, the best invention to travel, it doesn’t take any room and, as its name says, it is very light; and off we went to a much cooler area than the city.

The first time I visited San Francisco I went to a MAGICAL place called the Muir Woods, it FASCINATED me, so much that it became one of my favourite places in the world.

I am talking about a forest of Sequoia sempervirens, scientific name for Redwood, or how I personally call them, wonderful trees, long-lived inhabitants of the Earth and creators of protective and luxuriant forests. I ADORE THEM.

The woods with the biggest trees in the planet are wonderful, the place has a thrilling energy, walking by the little stream where the salmon swims and procreates is healing, invigorating, like embracing any of the ancient trees; you should know that a few people are needed to circle some of them.

Some of them are so big that a car can go through their roots, and if you look up in the sky, the spectacle of their branches kissing with the sun shining through is, UNIQUE.

More than a year ago they changed the rules to visit the park. You have to book parking space, if you get there by car, if you don’t, they will send you back.

There is a shuttle bus that takes visitors to the closest village which must also be booked. Another option is to book a tour and forget about all of that.

There is no good telephone coverage, if you go by taxi or Uber, they allow them to drop you off to access the park. When you exit, you can use the line phone in the visitor’s center to call another taxi to pick you up.

Doesn’t it remind you of an enchanted forest with all these clouds sitting on it?

Saying goodbye to the woods, that are only half an hour from the city crossing the Golden Gate Bridge if you go directly, we took the way to Sausalito, where we’d been on a bicycle in another occasion.

If you go by car to explore this north part of the bridge, besides eating in one of the lovely restaurants and go for a walk in the center of the village, I advise you to follow the coast, passing the charming floating boats, I told you about in another post.

To then walk in front of the sea, where you’ll be able to see the skyline of Sanfran, it’s really worth it before heading back to the bustle of the city.

I always wake up really early in Frisco, due to the big time difference with Spain. When it is still dark, I am glad the hotel gym is open 24 hours, but if it is already day light I like to go for a run from the center, down on Market St to Pier 39 to say hi to the noisy sea lions.

Once Sara went with me, one of my great travel companions, as of today, she still tells me that was her once in a life time run, and never ever done it again. When we meet we remember it and laugh about her great 10 k achievement.

Dani, another victim I managed to convince to run with me, decided to stay and chit chat with the sea lions, so I had to come back running by myself, laughing at seeing him there with the big marine animals. I must say that the Universe always gifts me with scenes like this one when I run.

In my other post about San Francisco I was telling you about the first book of Ken Follet’s Century’s trilogy, where every book is about one of the big wars. Today I wanted to tell you about the second one, The Winter of the World, where the main families and their sons and daughters, live through the birth of the Nazism and all it brought, as much in Germany as abroad.

The Spanish Civil War is part of the story of our characters, whose lives are intertwine, like all the countries involved in the conflicts were, in one way or another. The Second World War, the creation of the atomic bomb, the beginning of the Cold War are part of this story that you can’t miss.

I am always thankful for my kindle, it is so practical that I can read it on the beach or in bed, especially when I read books so big and heavy, like the one of our today’s author. I must say that I love big, long books, when I finish them, I miss the characters in my life, like it happened when I read this trilogy and a few others that I will tell you about in other posts.

Enjoy the book, the sequoias, the walks near the ocean and the running, as this city is impossible not to love.

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