I am back in New York

A pandemic, something I would never have imagined, and yes, we have spent a long time anchored at home, in my case, on an island. My last destination outside the continent was New York and today November 8, 2021 the US opens its borders again, and here I am, I have landed in one of […]

Crossing to Brooklyn

  This morning I went to the lower east side of Manhattan, to the Tenement or Immigration Museum. It is a building placed in Orchard Rd where they show us how immigrants, refugees & migrants used to live once they’d arrived to the city by boat since 1840 forward, till the building was left abandoned […]

A bit of New York in the movies.

  I love listening to jazz when I write, it takes me back to my travels, especially to New York City, as you know it’s one of my favourite places in the world. Ella Fitzgerald’s notes guide my fingers on the keypad & take me to a chocolatier in Soho called MarieBelle. Virginia’s been telling […]

Folly Beach & Morris Island Lighthouse . Charleston.

As Charleston is located on the coast it has many beaches, islands & rivers worth exploring. One morning the Four Fabulous accompanied by two knight-errands went to Folly Beach, crossing the Ashley River, passing on James Island, arriving to the beach bathed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, which is only twenty minutes away by […]

The Middleton Plantation. Charleston.

One beautiful morning after having breakfast in Toast we called an Uber & the four of us, very excited, headed to Middleton Plantation, we’re going to witness how a plantation which grew the Carolina Golden rice was & how they lived then. Upton arrival we bought the tickets for $42, the only think not included […]

The Fabulous Four walking around Charleston.

After enjoying Charleston bay & its surroundings, today the Fabulous Four are walking around the city & its beautiful streets. If you remember the north & the south of Broad St. have divine houses & mansions, in the southern end we find the Dock Street Theatre, in the street that bears the same name. It is […]

Charleston, the Holy City

Charleston is a beautiful, elegant & quaint city in South Carolina. Its name derives from the one the British chose when they colonised it, they called it Charles Town, after the king Charles II of England. It has a great bay with loads of history, there we find the island of Fort Sumter, which was […]

Boston & the Freedom Trail.

  Boston is a beautiful city in the east coast of the US, with white cold winters that becomes alive in the summer. It is also a place full of history, where the seed of the American Revolution which led to the independence of Great Britain grew. To visit the most relevant places you’ll only […]

Seasons in Central Park

  On one of my first posts we had breakfast in Central Park, there is so much to do there, it offers us so many wonders that I have decided to take you back to it once again. What’s your favourite season in New York City? I find it difficult to choose one, although I have […]

Ground Zero & South of Manhattan. NYC.

  One day I arrived in NYC on the 11th of September, day our generation will always remember. In the morning I wanted to go to pay my respects to the Ground 0. My travel companion Peter & I took the metro heading south & entered the area called Financial District, place where the famous […]