Hippies, murals & trams in San Francisco.

San Francisco is a facinating city & I believe its two most colourful neighbourhoods are Haight-Ashbury & Mission District, let me tell you why. One morning I went for a walk with Miriam, my partner in crime, around Mission District. It’s like a little Mexico. What made our mouths drop were the fabulous murals that […]

Chicago, the windy … & cold city.

I went for a walk that evening, it was very cold but not windy so I made the most of it. I love the blue colours that my camera captures at dusk. I started on Michigan Avenue, a main street part of the Magnificent Mile, the main commercial neighbourhood of the city. The Water Tower […]

Muir Woods in San Francisco.

Inside this big bay we find our beautiful San Francisco, the same one we cycle and survived. They say it has “four seasons in one day” like the song, It’s often covered with low clouds or fog, sometimes you cannot even see the bridge. So if you visit at the end of the summer, remember […]