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Nusa Penida is so photogenic. Bali.

The sun is out in Lembongan, another beautiful day, it looks like the clouds never arrive to this island, the sea is stunning & we are very happy because today we are going snorkeling. The boat that’ll take us leaves at eight in the morning, we booked it with Ace last night in the hotel for 200K each & […]

Between mountains and oceans arises Cape Town.

There is a place on the planet that reminds me a lot of my island, but bigger. If from Majorca I walk southward and cross the whole of Africa I will get to a very beautiful place, where the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean meet, a place called Cape Town. The city located to the […]

Accra and its fond memories.

Write, write … My second post and what if I have the syndrome of the white page? Or what I write doesn’t make a lot of sense? It must be the first sign of doubt, to know whether I will be capable to write something worth reading or a simple collection of nonsense coming out […]

Mis viajes alrededor del mundo siempre acompañados de un buen libro. My travels around the world always accompanied by a good book.