Nusa Penida is so photogenic. Bali.

The sun is out in Lembongan, another beautiful day, it looks like the clouds never arrive to this island, the sea is stunning & we are very happy because today we are going snorkeling.

The boat that’ll take us leaves at eight in the morning, we booked it with Ace last night in the hotel for 200K each & we also changed our room for a better one for only 350K. So after breakfast that it’s included in the price of the room, we pick up our gear, get some sun lotion on & head to the beach.

The tour will last for three hours & our first stop is Manta Bay where we snorkel to see manta rays, & sometimes chase them, it’s quite funny as one of the guys goes first as advanced party & gives a shout when he sees one, so we all go quickly swimming.

We continue our trip & head to Crystal Bay, there only a few meters from the beach we stop the boat & jump in, the surprise is wonderful, the bottom is full of corals & colorful fish, for someone who’s been in the Great Barrier so far away from land & all of a sudden to see such wonder so close, it’s spectacular! One of the girls on the trip is screaming overwhelmed, we laugh, the truth is she is right to be overwhelmed, we all are.

It’s a shame I don’t have an aquatic camera to show you the beauty of the marine bottom. These two bays are on the island of Nusa Penida, that’s much bigger than Lembongan & it looks like Bali twenty years ago.

For the third stop we head the north part of Lembongan, where there’s a mangrove. The depths are also amazing, Héctor, a Spanish guy part of our group saw a turtle. We saw a statue in the bottom. Suddenly I find myself surrounded by hundreds of fish, I love the sensation, there’s a guy with a bottle with food for them, but he is far right now, I wonder if the fish, that are very clever, think I am going to feed them or they’re just giving me a gift with their presence.

On our way back we stop at Ginger & Jamu, a place I love & where I’d spend many hours writting. We eat Mexican food in front of the sea & drink a spectacular smoothie, mine is called “surfers recovery” & it does very well recover you.

After another nice sunrise & yummy breakfast in “our office” we head to Sandy Bay beach club that was recommended to us; it has an infinity pool in front of a wild sea.

On our way back we eat dinner in Ginger & Jamu, our table is on the sand where we enjoy another stunning sunset, I can’t get enough of them, I feel very privileged.

At that time some local families come out to enjoy the sea, some of the doggies are with them & the scene is very endearing, I feel like at home.

Another beautiful morning & this time we head to the yellow bridge that links Lembongan & Nusa Ceningan, there there’s the boat that will take us to Nusa Penida in twenty minutes. We go for one day but I advice you to spend a few if you have the opportunity.

Upon arrival we rent two scooters with drivers. Yunus, one of them, is a great guide, this is his number +62 877-5237-5419. We pass a close by beach from where we can see Mount Agung, the volcano in the east of Bali.

It’s very hot, but it worth seeing so much nature & corn terraces.

Finally we arrive at the famous Klingking Beach, we walk & from the heights we see this wonder.

People go down, so do we, half way I realize that my flip flops are not a good choice, luckily I have my booties that I put on holding on as  well as I can. The way is very steep, I know I have to carry on because something is pulling me down.

After forty five minutes I arrive to one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen & get into its wild waves. Virginia appears, I am glad, it would’ve been a shame if she missed it.

I see plastic bottles thrown on the floor, I advise you to take a rucksack, where you can put all the empties, although it’s much better to bring your own reusable water bottle. In summary, bring plenty of water, hiking shoes, a rucksack & a hat.

We eat & have a mango juice before heading to see another of the most iconic images of this island, Broken Beach.

And the icing of the cake & the end of our day are Angel’s Billabong & Manta Bay, seeing from inland.

Our companion today is another work by Paulo Coelho I read many years ago, The Valkyries. A couple set out on a journey to the desert of Mojave, he’s looking for his guardian angel, like all of us these days of confinement, so they keep us sane. In their journey they must meet the Valkyries, Scandinavian Warriors, daughters of Odin, who decide who dies & goes to the Valhalla (heaven for heroes who die in battle), they will help them on this journey where they’ll learn what they must change in order to evolve. That made me think in these times what we need to change in our lives to raise awareness & we get out of this stronger. As Coelho says “we are not alone, the world is tranforming & we are part of that transformation”

Stay safe nomads!


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