The colour of Singapore

Singapore is a sovereign city-state formed by sixty three islands which became independent from Malaysia the 9th of august, 1965, only fifty four years ago. Many years ago I visited this island country very unknown to me; these days the image that represents the modern & wealthy Singapore is the Marina Bay Sands, a building […]

Ubud, yoguis & vegans paradise. Bali.

Time to go back to Bali, another option is to go to the Gili islands, but I’ve personally had so much sun & I fancy some forest. So we embark on the boat back to Sanur port & from there we head to Ubud, the paradise for yoguis & vegans. We stay at Manuaba Inn, […]

From Canggu to Nusa Lembongan. Bali.

Good morning nomads, another day with no rain during the “monsoon season”, well, it did rain very early, but then the sun came out & us, like little snails also went out for a stroll. Today we are going to Canggu, they pronounce it Changoo, it’s a bit further north from Seminyak. It is an […]

Rice terraces, temple, gate & waterfall in Bali.

Do you remember Arsana from Bali Net Tours? Well today his is picking us up at eight in the morning to take us to the north of the island, the whole day at a good price, 750K. It takes us around two hours to arrive at our first destination, a coffee plantation, very nice & interesting, […]

Sunset in Uluwatu Temple.

The hotel in Seminyak is inside a temple, yes as you read, Arsana explained to us how every home has its own temple which they look after with much care. Then they have the family temples, built by the part of the family with more money, for the use of all the its members & […]

From an eco farm to Seminyak. Bali

  I’ve just landed in Denpasar from Cairns, I go through security & after collecting my suitcase I see a few desks to exchange money, I change a few euros. I must add the Revolut works very well here. It’s a bit complicated to get the hang of this currency, one feels like a millionaire […]

The Emirate of Kuwait.

Kuwait, which etymology in arabic means “little fort”,  is located in the Persian Gulf, that’s why its temperatures in the summer are quite high. Out of all the times I visited it I have to say that December was the month I could venture out & about without melting. Kuwait is one of the richest countries in the world, […]

The kingdom of Bahrain.

This little country of the Persian Gulf is formed by an archipelago of islands being Bahrain the biggest one, which is not that big, it’s only 55 km long per 18 wide. Its people are lovely & kind. Amongst them is Mohamed, a true gentleman who took me around to visit some of the places […]

Boxing Day in Macau.

After spending Christmas in Hong Kong we went to spend Boxing Bay on the island of Macau, which is 70km south & the most densely populated region of the world. We decided to take the bus instead of the ferry so we were able to cross the bridge that links the two islands. It had […]

The Buddha and the music of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one the China’s Special Administrations, and the Hong Kong dollar is its currency. Its name means “fragrant harbour” and it is located near Pearl River. I totally agree when Wikipedia says it is the fourth-most densely populated region in the world, as the little peninsula and its islands are full of live, […]