From Canggu to Nusa Lembongan. Bali.

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Good morning nomads, another day with no rain during the “monsoon season”, well, it did rain very early, but then the sun came out & us, like little snails also went out for a stroll.

Today we are going to Canggu, they pronounce it Changoo, it’s a bit further north from Seminyak.

It is an area that is becoming very popular, we liked it more than Seminyak as it is not as touristic, but it still offers many entertainments.

Its beach is full of surf stands, one next to the other, its waters are quite wild & they have good waves for that.

The street that leads to the beach is full of nice restaurants & cute shops. We like it, so much than in a few weeks Virginia, before returning to Europe, will spend a few days here to enjoy its beach club, running on the beach early in the morning to avoid the heat, yoga &  its surroundings.

After a swim, some sun & a refreshing drink on the beach in front of this rock with a little altar on top, we’re heading to visit another temple.

The Pura Tanah Lot, or “temple of the land in the sea”, another beautiful temple placed in a spectacular location.

Right upon our arrival we find this amazing rock with the shape of a bridge, we walk on the little trail that will lead us to a gate, remember them?


Thanks to the low tide we can access the place & get close to an immense rock in the sea, on top of it there’s the prayer area that overflows mysticism.

Again we have to thank our tour guide Arsana for taking us to this magical place.

We only saw something that made us sad, a snake waiting in the heat for someone to take a picture with her. I encourage you NOT to be part of this type of tourism where animals are slaved.

Another sunny day, time to pack & get the ferry to Nusa Lembongan, a small island east of Bali.

The ferry ticket includes the transport to the port where the boat is, return is 500K, one way 300K. Near the port Sanur there’s a little market where we entertain ourselves before getting on board.

The ride takes around 30 minutes, upon arrival it all seems amazing to us. From there a van takes us to our hotel, along with some other visitors.

The hotel is not very big & the bar/restaurant is on the beach, it’s perfect. During these days it is going to become our office, with a sea view.

We are hungry, we walk to right on the sand & find a little establishment where they make food, Mola-Mola. We sit in front of the sea, & whilst waiting for our delicious nasi goreng the sea breeze caresses us easing the heat.

On the way back we relax on the beach on bean bags till sunset, we have Bali right in front, the sun hides behind it, it is so beautiful, a seducing & sublime moment, the best part of the day.

All the staff at Tarci Bungalow are fantastic & look after us so well, in fact we booked the room through WhatsApp from Bali, I love the simple ways you can do things around here. This is Ace’s number (pronounced Ache) if you’d like to get in touch with him, +62 813-3813-5512.

Nine minutes away there’s the Serenity yoga shala, I love them so much!, practice yoga in a facility so pretty is fantastic, I love it. The classes are usually around 100-120K depending on whether you buy just one or a pack.

To access the shala they offer us a bowl to wash our feet, everything is so magical. After the class we get back floating ready for dinner.

Today we’ll dine in the boutigue hotel Indiana, next door, it’s very pretty all in white & it also has an amazing spa.


After another beautiful sunset it’s time to get some rest in the good company of a book. Today I’d like to tell about one of the many Paulo Coelho has written, “The Manual of the Warrior of Light”.

I have chosen this one because my friend Ana has recommended it in these times of quarantine we are all living, when I am writing these words. I’d like to transcribe her words:

            “It is one of my favourite books amongst many, Paulo Coelho is one of my favourite authors. The current times call for reflection & they are a good opportunity to gather enough courage to be able to submerge in the deepest part of ourselves, accept our failures & carry on fighting with hope, even if the circumstances are adverse. Each one of us carry a warrior of light inside & we only have to find it.”

The blog is yours, without you it wouldn’t be possible, that’s why in these confinement days I’ve been thinking that some of you are already part of the stories & anecdotes, others part of the photos so, would you like to share the books you’ve enjoyed reading? Like Ana did today who, from Madrid, has written these few words for you & we both hope you enjoy this Warrior of Light.

Stay safe nomads!

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