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Westminster, Chelsea, South Kensington. London.

Today I start my getaway to London by going to have tea at The English Rose Café and Tea shop, beautiful, tasty and affordable. It is very close to Buckingham Palace, the king’s residence.  St James Park is beautiful in autumn, painted in gold, and so green in summer, I cross it to Whitehall where […]

Bloomsbury, Camden Town, Highgate. London.

London oozes literature and Bloomsbury is the literary district par excellence, our admired Virginia Woolf lived here in what is now the Tavistock Hotel. The Bloomsbury literary group was born here at the beginning of the twentieth century, made up of writers and philosophers. In front of it I find the Tavistock park with her […]

Mayfair, Marylebone, Fitzrovia. London.

Today I start in Mayfair, the neighborhood where the Bridgertons live, again with a pub, Mr Frogg, it seems decorated for the series as it looks so beautiful, colorful and full of flowers. Next to it is the cute Avery Row,  with lovely shops and cafes. It was in Richard Green’s building where Lord Nelson […]

From Soho to Covent Garden. London

Near SOHO, the Chaclan pub has been serving drinks since 1898,  the Argyll Arms has beautiful ceilings and interior. It is not unusual to start a post about London talking about pubs. I don’t drink beer, but I can’t resist entering all the ones I find in my walks, which are many.  I also don’t […]

Holborn & Temple. London.

London gives the opportunity to write many posts. It has been a long time since I took you down its streets where I have wandered a lot lately, so I am going to divide them into several posts, get ready for an invasion of names and places.  I’ll start in Holborn, where the Dickens Museum […]


Philadelphia is a small city. I already took you through its most iconic and historical places, since this is where the country was born. Today we will visit some beautiful corners, and others a little more “macabre”. Will you join me to continue discovering Philly, the city of brotherly love?  I start in the small […]

Autumnal & literary Buenos Aires.

I walk out of the small airport located in the centre and find it’s raining cats and dogs. I decide to queue for a taxi, they have a very handy QR where you can see how much the ride to your destination will cost you. When I arrive at the hotel, I leave my things […]

Perito Moreno. Argentinian Patagonia.

I arrive at my hotel in Buenos Aires, leave my suitcase and go to Florida Street to exchange money. My flight departs this afternoon from Aeroparque, the small airport near downtown BA. I have my mountaineering gear, boots, warm clothes and thermos bottle ready and I’m set to go and admire one of the most […]

A day in Santiago de Chile.

It had been 19 years since I had set foot in Santiago, I came once to celebrate my birthday with my friend Pilar, and it was time to go back. After enriching myself with my visit to the north we finally met, and as if it were yesterday, we didn’t stop talking for more than […]

Atacama Desert part 3. Chile

Hello again, let’s continue with the tours around Atacama that I am enjoying so much. The places and guides are wonderful and my travel companions fantastic, they recommend the night one, I do not know very well what I will see there, but they speak wonders of it, so after the first tour I book […]

Mis viajes alrededor del mundo siempre acompañados de un buen libro. My travels around the world always accompanied by a good book.