Buda and Pest

When I was a little girl, I read a book where Sissy loses her memory and recovers it thanks to the waltz “The Blue Danube” yes, that tribute of the grand river that crosses Europe and the city of Budapest. In 1873 the hilly side, Buda, and the flat one, Pest, united resulting in a […]

Back to my beloved Sydney

Here I am again, in my wonderful Sydney, in my grand bay, in my comfortable & light home of Helene’s, in front of that window I sit & write, in my place in the world, the place where I feel at home. But it is not all joy, Australia is burning & that saddens the […]

A bit of New York in the movies.

  I love listening to jazz when I write, it takes me back to my travels, especially to New York City, as you know it’s one of my favourite places in the world. Ella Fitzgerald’s notes guide my fingers on the keypad & take me to a chocolatier in Soho called MarieBelle. Virginia’s been telling […]

Visiting some museums in London

It’s raining in London, I know, it’s not a surprise. I am in a café writing when I meet Carol & Ricardo, two friends from Mexico whom I decide to go to a museum with. Making our way we get on the train to Saatchi Gallery, placed in a beautiful & grand building surrounded by […]

Nusa Penida is so photogenic. Bali.

The sun is out in Lembongan, another beautiful day, it looks like the clouds never arrive to this island, the sea is stunning & we are very happy because today we are going snorkeling. The boat that’ll take us leaves at eight in the morning, we booked it with Ace last night in the hotel for 200K each & […]

From Canggu to Nusa Lembongan. Bali.

Good morning nomads, another day with no rain during the “monsoon season”, well, it did rain very early, but then the sun came out & us, like little snails also went out for a stroll. Today we are going to Canggu, they pronounce it Changoo, it’s a bit further north from Seminyak. It is an […]

Rice terraces, temple, gate & waterfall in Bali.

Do you remember Arsana from Bali Net Tours? Well today his is picking us up at eight in the morning to take us to the north of the island, the whole day at a good price, 750K. It takes us around two hours to arrive at our first destination, a coffee plantation, very nice & interesting, […]

Sunset in Uluwatu Temple.

The hotel in Seminyak is inside a temple, yes as you read, Arsana explained to us how every home has its own temple which they look after with much care. Then they have the family temples, built by the part of the family with more money, for the use of all the its members & […]

From an eco farm to Seminyak. Bali

  I’ve just landed in Denpasar from Cairns, I go through security & after collecting my suitcase I see a few desks to exchange money, I change a few euros. I must add the Revolut works very well here. It’s a bit complicated to get the hang of this currency, one feels like a millionaire […]

Roman Museums with Basak.

Today I go back to Pincio’s Terrrace, I walk around this beautiful park full of Roman statues, fountains & a lake liven up by the music of this artist that enchants me like the “Pied Piper of Hamelin” I have my ticket that I bought in advance, I arrive earlier to drop off my bag […]