Alcatraz. The Rock. San Francisco.

San Francisco bay is often covered by fog that is why I felt very happy when the sun appeared the day I was going to visit the famous prison-island of Alcatraz. I bought my ticket a month in advance as it’s a very popular attraction, although sometimes you can be lucky & get one in the […]

Muir Woods in San Francisco.

Inside this big bay we find our beautiful San Francisco, the same one we cycle and survived. They say it has “four seasons in one day” like the song, It’s often covered with low clouds or fog, sometimes you cannot even see the bridge. So if you visit at the end of the summer, remember […]

Surviving San Francisco on a bicycle.

Yes, the city of the hills ON A BICYCLE, the world is made for the brave ones! I know three routes to go over and not die trying. There are plenty of places to rent bicycles from, even electrical ones, for the not so brave ones. The least risky and flat route is from the […]