A road trip into the Aussie bush.

It was raining, Helene and I decided to take the car & go on a road trip. We headed towards Peats Bridge, where we stopped to buy some local fruit and veggies. On the side of road there was an “honesty box”, I had never seen one before, then I heard they also have them in the UK.

The way they work is: the farmers leave their fruit and vegetables on the side of the road, we take what we need & leave the money in a box, e voilá!. I think it is fab how much they trust their fellow citizens, I love it!

From there we went to a restaurant, which we found closed for holidays, it’s also near the road, alongside a café & a couple of shops.

We used our break to visit the ladies room & joked about this “oldie”, I promise even though Oz is far away ,they do have proper toilets.

We continued our way to Mangrove Creek & got deeper into the mangrove land, green & beautiful. The cicadas were singing & the noise was deafening, I had never heard them singing so loudly.

There we went to a place which used to be a centre where they did yoga retreats, the facilities were amazing, it’s a shame it’s closed & for sale. We didn’t find anyone there so we had a look around, it all blended in with the surroundings, hidden amongst the trees, they even had recycling tanks. The kind guard came to say hi, I have to say that he looked like the double of “Wally” Water Reilly from the movie “Crocodile Dundee”.

We continued our way further into the bush till we arrived to Spencer, “the hub of the Universe” as its sign reads. There we admired a lake, more mangroves & went to eat to a small restaurant-shop, the only one which seemed to be there.

We were out of luck again, we were late, the kitchen was closed. The owner was ever so kind & invited us to come back to try his Aussie delicacies.

From there we took our way back to the city going through the beautiful green Aussie bush of New South Wales.

We got back home after such a beautiful & rainy day, a nice chat about books over a cuppa was waiting for us. If you read my post “Sydney’s free tours & its charming Botanical Gardens” you’ll remember I was talking about a book by Starhawk. Today I’d like to tell you about another of her books, “Walking to Mercury”. It is about the life of the young Maya, whom we fell in love with in “The Fifth Sacred Thing”. It takes us back to the 20th century where Maya is trying to find herself & her spiritual path. She makes her way to Mt. Everest to spread her mother’s ashes whilst stopping at Tibetan villages. Reading Johanna’s diary, her lover, takes her back to her radical times of anti-war movements, abuse of substances & free love. “She emerges stronger, wiser, infused with the wisdom of the earth and the spirit of the goddess”.

I do hope you enjoy the book & this country I love so much. On my next post about Australia we’ll go to the tropical Brisbane, see you there nomads!

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