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When they ask me what´s in Mallorca, or what I must see, my answer always is: you cannot miss these three villages: Valldemossa, Deià and Sóller (which I already told you about)

Of course Palma is a pleasure and divine, but there are also some magical places, so I recommend you to rent a car, it is the easiest way to get around. You also have the bus option from Plaza España, number 203 TIB takes about 40 minutes to Valldemossa, a charming little village and a “must” stop if you visit the island, I will tell you why.

Halfway upon leaving Palma on the way to this small village  we see the Lafiore glass factory, we stop to watch the artisans blow those hot balls and turn them into beautiful creations. 


We continue, when we arrive, there is a paid parking, we leave the car there and put a ticket for the whole day to not worry. At the entrance of the village, we first see a mini theater sponsored by Michael Douglas, and by chance today they have Majorcan dances, so we stay to watch them.

Our walk takes us to the main street, there are some pastry shops where they serve the popular “coca de patata” similar to a brioche, it’s yummy, you should try it as an example of typical gastronomy (it is not vegan).

We see a little slope that takes us to the square of the church that is part of the Carthusian order and the museum. We buy the tickets on the right, there is a small stall (the toilets are also there nearby). 

The visit begins in a beautiful courtyard that leads to a room with a piano, where we are presented with a mini concert by Chopin, wonderful. 

We follow the route marked by the friendly managers of the place, first we see the castle of King Sancho.

Then we enter the premises of the Carthusian order where the Carthusian monks stayed. One of the cells is where Chopin spent some time to cure himself of some ailments he suffered.

We can see writings, letters, his piano, and the small garden with exceptional views. 

Leaving the museum on the right, we can enjoy the views of the viewpoint that is next to the castle.

We continue walking to find some bucolic and totally charming streets, the town is a Unesco heritage site and they keep it beautiful.

One of the most popular is the street of the Rectory where the patron saint of the place, Sister Tomasseta, was born in 1531.

The village church is very popular for getting married, especially among foreigners.

I recommend you to take a walk and get lost in the small streets. In front of the Petit Hotel is the Aromas tea/chocolate shop, with a very nice patio and a wide range of teas and chocolates. 

Of course, the Cappuccino coffee chain also has a very good spot on the main street of Valldemossa. 

Leaving the village and continuing towards Deià, which is 10 km away, we stop at the lookout Na Foradada, where a very cool chill out is set for the impressive sunset. 

Right there is one of the houses of Archduke Louis Salvador of Habsburg, a character who put Mallorca on the map, where he lived. He was a scholar with a great thirst for knowledge, spoke 14 languages and is said to have been a very kind, nice and polite gentleman. His main residence was “S’Estaca” which for many years has been owned by Michael Douglas and, until recently, Diandra. The Archduke’s cousin Sissi visited him in a few ocassions. 

The house next to the viewpoint is the estate of Son Marroig, a museum that can be visited, can you imagine living surrounded by the Med, sunsets and the mountain range?also

In the gardens you will see a temple, very popular among future couples making wedding plans. If you’ve seen the movie “SAS: The Rise of the Black Swan,” check out the end.

There is also a hiking route called “the Archduke’s way” that leaves Valldemossa and runs through a part of the beautiful Serra de Tramuntana.

George Sand wrote her story of “A Winter in Mallorca” (Un hiver à Majorque, 1841) when she moved to the island with Frederick Chopin. She was a great writer from Paris, who chose to dress like a man, very unconventional for her time and very avant-garde.

She arrives on the island with the young pianist, and her two children, the Majorcans see their adulterous relationship with bad eyes, so they do not offer them accommodation and they end up living in one of the cells in the old Carthusian, with hardly any comforts. Once on the island it is confirmed that the pianist suffers from tuberculosis, and although they intended to enjoy a mild winter on the island, that year came rawer, which made them leave the island a few months later. 

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