Tips for travelling Part 1.

Dear nomads,

After the success of “Tips for travelling with children” I’ve decided to start a list of tips & good practices to prepare a trip & to carry it out. Here are the first ones.

  • Planing

It is a good idea to do some research about the place, read blogs, watch videos, etc. You wouldn’t want to come back & think, oh shame we didn’t see that! The excitement of the nomad starts before leaving home!

Documentation: Always take a photocopy or a picture of the passport on your pone/cloud, so you’ll be able to leave the original in the hotel for safekeeping.

Revolut: It’s a pay as you go VISA card ideal for travelling. Download the App & request the physical card. You can link it to your bank account & fill it in with two clicks, exchange money into many currencies with a higher rate, buy plane tickets, pay for hotels, tours, even for a coffee. It will send you a notification every time you spend money, as proof of payment.

Trick anti-cloning: a policeman showed how to avoid having my card cloned; with the touch it’s easier, so I always, whether in an ATM or in a shop around the world I introduce the chip, dial three aleatory numbers + delete, so if they copy them they’ll be useless, then I dial my PIN + OK & chin pun!

  • Packing

I firmly believe in avoiding the use of single use plastic that is why I travel with a bottle of water I can refill in many airports, after going through security, also in hotels & water fountains.

A bag made out of fabric has been in my suitcase for years for any plastic free shopping I might decide to do.

I carry a clear washbag within the measures the airports require so I don’t have to use the plastic bags they supply.

Gel & shampoo can be all in one bar, you’ll save room & the use of more plastic. I love the plastic free toothpaste, dental floss, deodorant & many other things I buy in @everuseshop for travelling.

I love herbal tea & hot chocolate so I always take the wonderful travel mug from @ahimsaeco as well as their sporks & straw, so when I buy take away food I avoid using the single use plastic ones & the non recyclable mug.

  • On the plane

The atmosphere is as dry as the Sahara. It’s vital to keep very well hydrated. You´ll feel much better upon arrival & less tired. It goes without saying that excessive consumption of caffeine & alcohol will do the opposite effect. That’s why it’s ideal to have filled your water bottle after going through security, specially if you have a window seat.

If you feel a bit under the weather or just fancy a hot drink you can visit the galley (the kitchen on the plane) & ask for some hot water with lemon.

To carry a first aid kit is quite important. I am more into supplements & herbs, that is why I usually pack vitamin C & Echinacea to give my defenses a boost. We all know how nomads get into a non-stop mode due to our desire to see & get to know new places, so a little help before & during our trip shall be good.

Moving is important for the circulation, so those walks to the toilet or the galley will help you loosen up.

Sleep all you can, it’s difficult for some, but it’s worth trying & when awake, hydrate!

If you are a bit scared of flying or uneasy on board get to know the new environment, talk to the crew. Thanks to magic planes fly, allow it to fill you up & take you to all those amazing places.

  • At destination

It’s always a good idea to use your common sense when travelling & observe some safety standards keeping a low profile in dodgy places.

Carry small bills & coins for tips or bus tickets (in the US you have to introduce the right amount in the bus machine & it doesn’t give you change).

Mark a route on google maps, it works with no internet, the way is shown with little dots (like bread crumps), you only have to follow it (you’ll appear in movement). It’s ideal for not getting lost when there aren’t many references or it gets dark & you want to go back to the hotel, for example, so remember to also pin it on the map.

Happy Cow App tells you where the closest vegan, veggie or restaurant with veggie options is. A lifesaver!

Well, up to here is the first list, feel free to add more tips, I’ll make sure they are shared with this nomad community.

Safe travels nomads!

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