Crossing to Brooklyn

  This morning I went to the lower east side of Manhattan, to the Tenement or Immigration Museum. It is a building placed in Orchard Rd where they show us how immigrants, refugees & migrants used to live once they’d arrived to the city by boat since 1840 forward, till the building was left abandoned […]

A bit of New York in the movies.

  I love listening to jazz when I write, it takes me back to my travels, especially to New York City, as you know it’s one of my favourite places in the world. Ella Fitzgerald’s notes guide my fingers on the keypad & take me to a chocolatier in Soho called MarieBelle. Virginia’s been telling […]

Ground Zero & South of Manhattan. NYC.

  One day I arrived in NYC on the 11th of September, day our generation will always remember. In the morning I wanted to go to pay my respects to the Ground 0. My travel companion Peter & I took the metro heading south & entered the area called Financial District, place where the famous […]

A walk around Greenwich Village and Washington Square Park. New York.

A beautiful morning my friend Virginia picked me up and we went to see the UN, or United Nations. We were looking forward to seeing the headquarters of the world’s biggest international organization created after WWII. The ground floor can be visited without a tour and you can see the General Assembly whist its members […]

Chapter one: he adored New York.

“Chapter one: he adored New York City, he idealized it way out of proportion …” This is how the movie Manhattan starts when Woody Allen tries to discover his way to feel this city, as New York has to be felt, merged into it. They say once you get to know it you either hate it […]