Madrid and its suprises.

Madrid has so much to offer!

What can I say about a weekend in Madrid and how much I love being there, strolling its streets shoulder to shoulder with the thousands of people who have had the same idea.

I believe a good way to enjoy what a big city offers is finding a nice coffee shop to have some green tea, read and write. Madrid has so many that it is not always going to be about walking and walking around, don’t you think?

I decided to spend Friday afternoon in the bohemian Anti Café, indulging myself with a yummy vegan hot and enjoying the company of the writer Marcus Goldman and his investigations to discover who killed Nora Kellergan, and his effort to exonerate his friend and great writer Harry Quebert. I enjoyed the novel very much, the plot keeps you intrigued to the end and the teachings and advices Harry gives Marcus about the noble art of writing inspired me, so I totally recommend you “The truth about Harry Quebert affair” by Joël Dicker, let me know what you think.

The icing of the cake of any trip is to be able to meet and hug the friends who live in the place you’re visiting, even if they are busy filming a short film, like the wonderful Lourdes was in those few days I visited the capital. But if you also make new ones, that day should be marked on the calendar with the colour for “wonderful days to remember”.

On my Saturday morning, dear nomads, I met a group of awesome women. Sol, one the FABOLOUS ones, in capitals as she describes them in her blog, shared with us her wisdom of writing in a workshop about how to write a blog. I must say that in that precise moment a little seed started arising in my mind and most importantly, in my heart; so following her “orders” , write E.V.E.R.Y. D. A.Y.! She told us, here I am today giving shape to my first ever post, the first of many I hope.

To enjoy the rest of the Saturday I met my friend Benito in the Vegetarian Restaurant Artemisa, where the manager, dressed in a Sheldon Cooper’s t-shirt, got us a table with no booking, in exchange of showing him my Yoda socks. As you can see amongst freaks we understand each other. The food is delicious and very abundant, I recommend one of the big dishes for two to share and the guacamole nachos! Yum, yum.

Already from the window of the plane I say good bye to a glorious day and to this beautiful city, if you stay, ENJOY IT! I will carry on writing on my way to Buenos Aires, waiting to find out what this other capital offers me for my next post, we’ll see you there my dear nomads!

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