Boxing Day in Macau.

After spending Christmas in Hong Kong we went to spend Boxing Bay on the island of Macau, which is 70km south & the most densely populated region of the world. We decided to take the bus instead of the ferry so we were able to cross the bridge that links the two islands. It had […]

A walk by La Alameda. Mexico City.

History, delicious food, art, lovely people… all of that we will find in this beautiful part of the world. My friend Marco is in love with Mexico City (yes, the same one who is in love with Buenos Aires) and with love he created a list for us of nice things to do in the city […]

Ahoj Prague and some magical villages.

From the heart of Europe the beautiful Prague salutes us, capital of the Czech Republic and of the Bohemian region. From the top of a hill ,in between the clouds appears the Prague Castle, it is not just a castle but a complex, like a little magical small village. One of its charming streets is […]

Palma, the city where I was born.

  On the 2nd of April a few many years ago I appeared in this beautiful city bathed by the Mediterranean. Where the sea brings the traveler who is welcomed by its iconic Gothic Cathedral, La Seu, majestic and imposing since the XIII century. Its Gothic eye, one of the biggest rose windows in the […]