Christmas in Mexico.

The first time I set foot in Mexico City was the 24th of December, yes, Christmas Eve. I was so lucky to be invited to celebrate it by this Mexican family, I loved their traditions. On the table they sat me in front of a guacamole dish and I thought to myself, “I am not […]

Exploring Coyoacán hand in hand with Frida.

  The idea of going back to Mexico City produced in me that emotion you feel in light of a new trip. I was so looking forward to seeing it and going all over it that I couldn’t hide my joy. I woke up on a Sunday with a very special plan in mind and […]

A walk by La Alameda. Mexico City.

History, delicious food, art, lovely people… all of that we will find in this beautiful part of the world. My friend Marco is in love with Mexico City (yes, the same one who is in love with Buenos Aires) and with love he created a list for us of nice things to do in the city […]