Christmas in Brisbane, Australia.

A few years ago I enjoyed Christmas in the tropical state of Queensland, specifically in the city of Brisbane, where my good friends Andrew and James live, the parents of the three beauties of which I am their mommy number one, Odi, Otto and Red. I already told you about them in my post about […]

Road trip from Sydney to Brisbane.

Helene & I head to Brisbane from Sydney, we’ll spend Christmas there, she with her family & I with my adopted Aussie family. The ride takes around ten hours so we decide to break it & stay half way. We leave early in the morning, the air smells of burnt, the smoke has reappeared, on […]

Brisbane, the tropical Australia.

Here I am, still in my beloved Australia. This time in Brisbane, an hour on a plane north of Sydney where I arrived in a very hot summer day. My friend James came to give  me a hug while I was disembarking before leaving to catch his flight & Andrew picked me up at arrivals, it was so […]